100×200 mm 4×8 inch Glossy Aqua Blue Tiles


100×200 mm 4×8 inch Glossy Aqua Blue Tiles are everywhere in our homes, and they’ve become an essential part of our lives. Whether we like it or not, there’s no escaping them. These ones have a fresh and decorative design that will make your home more beautiful. Featuring durable construction and quality materials, these tiles can withstand the test of time.

BlackWorld Tiles is your choice for quality ceramic tiles. We believe that the most important aspect of your home is its look and feel of it. Because of this, we go above and beyond to create beautiful tiles with a timeless look that can be used in a variety of ways from kitchens and bathrooms to our classic porcelain counters.

With our wide selection of tiles, you can mix and match to create your perfect look. From subway tiles in the most inspiring colour combinations to classic, neutral kitchen designs, we have all the tiles you need for every room of your home. Whether your style is contemporary, shabby chic or traditional, tile options exist for any room you want to decorate! We offer many types of kitchen and bathroom tiles for stylish homes for all tastes and budgets.



Weight 14 kg
Dimensions 49 × 36 × 16 cm
Size (inch)
Size (cm)
Size (mm)
Thickness (mm)