Stone Wall Tile Ceramic body Matt


matte ceramic elevation wall tile with the rugged looks of authentic stone cladding. Reproduced with cutting edge digital printing, the body of this ceramic wall tile bears slight dips on the double-fired body to mimic the look of numerous stone strips held together by grout. Complete with rectified edges, a double-fired body and stellar coarse texture to facilitate easy installation and minimal upkeep, while keeping moisture and heat-induced damage at bay.


Suited for large scale remodels and exterior use, this elevation wall tile does not just protect your walls and add character but sends a ripple effect throughout your interiors. Measuring 1.5 x 1 ft, each ceramic wall tile in this collection uses stacked and staggered stacked layouts to charm its way into your hearts. Suited for a wide variety of indoor, outdoor, and transition area renovation projects, this ceramic elevation tile can be used to bring a rustic demeanour to both residential and commercial spaces.