ODH Daffodil Flora Tile


The unique drawing on the ODH Daffodil Flora HL 2 is the reason why this Orientbell tile is in high demand. The design gives a cool and calming effect, and the intricacy of the design will never cease to amaze you! The tile brings elegance along with its beauty and is sure to catch the eyes of anyone who enters the room. The tile is made of ceramic material which keeps the tile sturdy and durable. To add to the beauty of your space and to experiment with design, you can creatively combine this tile with any other plain tile. You can use different laying patterns with this tile such as brick or straight pattern as per your wish. The Daffodil Flora tile comes in a glossy finish which makes the tile look clean and shiny all the time. It also makes the tile very low maintenance as it hardly requires any effort and can be cleaned just by using a wet mop or cloth. The tile can be placed on your accent walls, lift lobbies, bathroom or kitchen walls. Available in the size of 300mm x 600mm, the tile is scratch-resistant and stain-resistant. Moreover, the tile doesn’t absorb any kind of moisture!



Material:Ceramic,   Highlighter
Finish:Glossy Finish
Type:Wall Tiles
Size i300x600 mm
Suitable forBathroom Tiles,   Accent Tiles